Game Gear and Sega Nomad.

Game Gear had a more advanced screen and color options than the Gameboy Color 8 years prior (1990 vs. 1998), a backlight 13 years prior to the GBA SP (2003), and the landscape form factor that nearly every system since the GBA has used. It even had a TV Tuner attachment, and an adapter to play Master System games.

It also eats 6 batteries in about 2 hours, actually rendering some longer games nearly unbeatable, as well as requiring a bag to carry around, whereas Gameboys fit in large pockets. The Game Gear was ambitious, but probably too ambitious for its own good.

The Sega Nomad has all that, plus it's a home/portable console in 1995, over 20 years before the Switch. Same caveats apply as the Game Gear.

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