Have any of you had Botox?

I am turning in to someone I would have made fun of 10 years ago. I am 41 years old and I had my SECOND botox injection yesterday.

My wife is a dermatologist, so it is essentially "free." I also had "fillers" under my eyelids.

Who am I?

Where does this path lead? It can't be anywhere productive. As Radiohead so aptly said in their greatest song on their greatest ever recorded album, "gravity always wins."

Am I just kicking a can down the road that will stay un-wrinkled but will get creepier and creepier looking? Why can't I admit "IT'S OVER?"

I'm putting botulism in my face and at the same time, real shit is happening. What a fucked up world. As my wife was injecting me I started laughing. No joke, a needle is in my forehead and I couldn't stop laughing. "What's wrong?" she asked. "People are fucked up," was my reply.

I can't believe what people do for narcism and now, I am one of them. So fucked up.

Injections in the face, circumcision, feet binding, whatever.... humans are weird. Im one of them.

Some perspective:


Growing old is a privilege denied to millions.

posted by thenewgreen: 221 days ago