Bethesda is, of course, remaining tight lipped on any real details connected to this latest edition of the Elder Scrolls series. Apart from an agonisingly short teaser trailer featuring the distinctive theme music we know relatively little about the game.

    The trailer itself features an attractive skybox and a flyover of what is sure to be Tamriel, the continent where most Elder Scrolls games take place. It finishes with a gilded The Elder Scrolls VI logo and other than that we don't have much else to go on. Most games do follow the tradition of being based in specific regions of Tamriel - Skyrim, Hammerfall, Daggerfall and so on - so it wouldn't be a leap to assume this latest instalment will eventually get a location attached to its existing title.


So basically we know nothing yet. Fingers crossed for a Linux version or, more likely, a Switch version!

For anyone with an Elder Scrolls itch (7+ years between main instalments is the longer they've ever gone) I can warmly recommend Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It has most of the things I like from Elder Scrolls, and lacks most of the annoyances.

posted by francopoli: 253 days ago