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The Red One by Jack London.

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This time around I'm a bit challenged to come up with interesting prompts. The Wikipedia page mentions a possible influence by Carl Jung on the story. Anyone more familiar with Jung want to shed some light on that?

This story is also pretty notable for the time it was written; it's a fair bit older than probably every other piece of material we've encountered in the club and predates a lot of sci-fi tropes. We have a hint of an alien encounter which seems a good deal ahead of its time.

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So the thing that always struck me about The Red One is how raw it is. It's pretty much what you'd expect science fiction from the guy who wrote To Build A Fire. What it indicated to me was that London pretty much had that "raw" inside him and all the Call of the Wild/White Fang stuff was purely situational.

Reading up it's a little chilling that if I were Jack London I would be three years dead.

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