Repeal took effect today.

    Several states have taken measures to ensure the rules stay in effect. For example, in March, Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington, a Democrat, signed a law that effectively replaced the federal rules. Others, including the governors of Montana and New York, used executive orders to force net neutrality.

    As of late May, 29 state legislatures had introduced bills meant to ensure net neutrality, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

    Still, several of these measures have failed, some are still pending, and not every state has taken such actions.


It certainly isn't. Net Neutrality isn't a Federal regulation, it's a broad principle. It can be voluntarily upheld by ISPs, as it was for decades, or it can be enforce at the state level.

With actual competitive markets for retail Internet access, specific regulations like this wouldn't be necessary, as customers could choose to leave non-neutral providers.

posted by kantos: 252 days ago