Before the G7 summit the dumb motherfucker proposed allowing Russia to re enter the group after they were kicked out for annexing Crimea.

Fucking USA today has a headline with a caustic tone. Probably an AP article but they aren't exactly known for being anything but the flavorless pablum of news sources

France is pissed

He pissed of goddamn Canada by attacking Justin Trudeau after the summit.

Also before the summit the shithead attacked Trudeau during a phone call invoking the time Canada burned down the White House during the War of 1812. An event that never happened and wouldn't be relevant in a talk about tariffs 200 years later even if it did happen.

This morning, sycophantic dipshit and former TV talking head who is now an economic advisor to Trump, Larry Kudlow, went on TV and defended the infantile behavior.

Of course Putin is pleased.

The best thing to come out of this circus is Justin Trudeau trolling Trump with a picture of the brothel his grandfather ran in Canada

This was such a trainwreck, debacle. I've been following it since the Russia comment when he was on his way to Quebec. It just kept getting worse. Kudlow said he was being an asshole so he wouldn't seem weak before the Tuesday meeting with Kim Jong Un. In the process he did his best to alienate allies we've had since before we were a country. I can't keep up with this shit. I think he threatened to cut trade with the other G7 countries somewhere along the way.

I've been pretty optimistic that the clown will do no lasting damage and he'll be gone in 2021 at the latest but this is so beyond the pale of acceptable behavior. And I don't even know why I'm surprised because what else would he do in a room full of people he doesn't respect?

Jesus fucking Christ...


" It's Canada trying to raise it's high protectionist barrier even higher on things like maple syrup and other good"

Are you FUCKING kidding me? Talk about loosing the galaxy for the grains of sand. As a Canadian, my apologies for really souring the political climate with our ruthless maple syrup tarifs.

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