Hey, Hubski

I just moved to a pretty small town and am in need of some inspiration! I run D&D games pretty regularly (once a week) back where I moved from but now that I'm in this new location I don't have my regular gaming group with me. So, in order to branch out and make some new friends, I want to write up a new adventure and take it to the local game shop! See if anybody around here has an interest in rollin' some dice.

What does this have to do you? Well, I need some ideas. The inspiration is running low from the stress of moving so I am reaching out to you all to see what your brains can think up! Do you have any fun ideas for a D&D game? Maybe a cool NPC concept or a trap! Perhaps a devilish cave system or haunted forest? An epic tome or tool steeped in legend? Or maybe something exceptional happened in a game you played once?

Whatever your thoughts are, jot them down here!

You rock,



I have a bunch of whimsical items that could potentially serve as plot-hooks:

The Wig of Persecution

The person wearing it suffers a -1 penalty to AC on account of being persecuted. Otherwise, it looks like a proper barrister's wig; possibly to make the item's name more confusing.

The Book of Canon

A finely crafted book about local legends and fandom disputes. Once a day the book can be transformed into a cannon (treat it as fireball spell cast by a 6th-level spellcaster).

Belt of lint pockets

It's a belt with many pockets which can be used like normal pockets. However, you can always find a pinch of lint inside of those. Lint can be used as a substitute for worthless of cheap (6 copper maximum) spell components.

Lute of invisibility

Sustains the effect of invisibility spell as cast by a 4th level spellcaster for as long as you play the lute. Everyone can still hear you loud and clear.

Axe of Grindness

It looks dull and in a dire need of grinding to everyone looking at it. Onlookers inspecting it closely (i.e. perform either an evaluate, UMD, search or spot check) feels compelled to grind it. That's it. The DM has always been such a dickish smartass. You should punch him.

EDIT: Just as a bit of background, I rarely GM humorous/gag scenarios, but even a serious campaign can use a bit of levity. One of my players was actually very fond of the Belt of Lint Pockets because it was so incredibly convenient.

posted by Merlin: 226 days ago