No idea who the celebrity is. Friends, multiple, sent me this, angry and wanting me to be angry with them. See, a long time ago, we knew a guy. Guy was a pussy, a pushover, a weak soul. But one of those guys who was too dumb and soft to be anything other than a nice person. He fell victim to a sociopathic, evil, monster. We tried to warn him, she pulled him out of his friend groups, distanced him from his family, and ran his life into the ground. Guy's mom and dad end up disowning him, and we don't see the poor bastard for a year. News comes out through the grapevine that our guy ends up kissing a revolver to get away from her. Nobody was there to go to our guy's funeral.

The thing that makes the people in the group angry is not that our friend chose getting his dick wet over his self worth. I am more than willing to lay down cash and bet that you know such a guy yourself. Or you know a guy who is with a woman where the partner is a vampire and abusive to the point where you begin to wonder "How do I step in and rescue "X"? Cause what makes us angry is that the monster and her sister, mother and aunt laughed. They thought it was fucking hilarious that nobody went to our Guy's funeral. Making someone kill themselves was funny. I can only imagine what the aftermath would be if it was two years ago and not twenty with the fucking twitter and facebook and all that shit.

If you get involved with someone and they start to pull shit like this in the article? If your special friend starts to pull you away and make a wedge between your family and friends? If you have people telling you that your partner is bad news? Listen to them. And the best advice I will pass out is this: If you cannot be alone with yourself and be comfortable in that condition, dig deep and find out why. The world can be an amazing place, but it is also full of monsters lurking around looking for targets; don't be a target.


This shit's fucked up, fam.

I'll be straight with you, all the people who I know who are boosting stories like this are intersectional feminists and queer voices. I also think it says something that her own fans called her out on her bullshit.You know who I don't see talking about this shit? average dudes.

posted by francopoli: 257 days ago