Black people are more likely to be the targets of state violence. Trans people are murdered at a rate far outpacing the population average.

    Having certain types of bodies makes you more likely to die an early and unnecessarily painful death that will be blamed on you before your body is even cold, so I’m not sure why it’s so mystifying and dismaying to the world at large that people in those bodies might not think much of themselves.

    Contemporary body positivity makes it incumbent on people with nonconforming bodies to change their own self-perception without requiring anyone with any power to question what created the phenomenon in the first place. .


I enjoyed the article, at the end of the day though I feel like it's naive to expect a company to do anything beyond try to get you to buy more product, if body positivity ads increase sales they will continue to be made.

Despite the complaint that it brings up an issue in a superficial way with no attempt at discussion, it seems to have changed what is considered acceptable body types, so there is some merit I think.

Maybe I missed the point, some levels of nuance are lost on me after a certain point.

posted by ooli: 224 days ago