Machines have already replaced the “change girls” who once roamed the casino floor. Since then prep cooks and bakers have seen positions dwindle due to mass food prep and commissary kitchen operations. Most recently, robot room service and digital check-in kiosks have threatened job security.

    “We know technology is coming, but we want to have a say in how it is implemented,” Khan said. “Be it monitoring the robot, stocking the robot, or whatever – as the jobs change inevitably workers should have opportunities to train for those new jobs. And if they can’t or won’t, they should receive generous severance packages.”


I've had the misfortune of a layover at the Philadelphia airport, which not only perpetually smells like urine, but also has replaced the bars with those shitty iPad kiosks for ordering food. It totally killed any sort of atmosphere at the bar and nobody talked to each other at all. As a result, the hour or so layover I had there felt like an antisocial eternity and I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. From what I understand of the Casino industry, the goal of casinos is to basically not cause that feeling, and keep people there as long as they can so they keep gambling. So I do think market forces will stave off automaton to some extent.

For the unions though, going on strike to protest automation just seems... dumb? Like, maybe they give into your demands for now, but you're just reminding the big guys that there's another reason to hasten the implementation of robots that won't collectively bargain.

posted by kleinbl00: 265 days ago