I worked a help desk for a small police department where replacing motherboards was a constant task. Now I know why :)


I have like six things to say and they're all disorganized so I'm going to say them in no particular order:

1) Capacitors die and I was specing electronic equipment for a living back then and this is the first I've ever heard of it so clearly it must be overblown. BUT

2) I've resurrected a couple-three pieces of gear in my day and now that I think about it, prior to about 2004 it was usually overheated resistors and ever since it's been recapping. AND

3) I had a friend at Intel who was in a panic because the server mobo he was responsible for was going into heinous fuckin' resets which reminded me a lot of the failure mode of the most awesome synthesizer ever made which I tracked down to an insufficient strike voltage due to a shitty rectifier design and when I told him to look at his power supply they had bad caps. That would be... 2002. Goddamn.

I recapped an Aphex 124 about five years back. I musta swapped out two dozen caps. Maybe 18 of them were blown. I just assumed this was because capacitors are shitty.

And shit. I've got three Tascam DSM7-1's that take a while to wake up... because the flyback voltage isn't enough to trigger the analog side until they come to temperature. This is remedied by replacing a power supply capacitor that I've been too lazy to order from Mouser. The DSM-7.1 was produced from 2003 to 2004.

So. Learn something new every day, I guess. Thanks.

posted by d_e_solomon: 265 days ago