So, some time ago I posted here about finally benching 100kg (225lb).

It was a long standing goal of mine since I first picked up some weights, which I did in a vain attempt to make myself more attractive both in my own eyes and in the eyes of others.

I found it helpful to talk about what I wanted out of my time in the gym to people (even strangers), I had some sort of push to get things done once people knew about it.

Since that goal was achieved, I've made 100kg bench a warm up set and my next goal is 140kg (308lb). Squats are sitting at 155kg and my end-goal is 180kg (about 400lb ?), deadlifts are more daunting but my goal continues to be set at 220kg (485lb).

With that in mind, what are your fitness goals? Losing weight? Gaining weight? Running longer/faster?

Tell me all, if you think it'll help you stay accountable I'm all ears.


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posted by Foveaux: 262 days ago