We have all been conditioned to click a button when we like what someone says. An up arrow. A thumbs up. A heart.

So we come to Hubski, and - without thinking - click the little hubwheel to register our positive feelings about a comment.

Which is not the intended purpose of the hubwheel.

The hubwheel is you picking up a lighted arrow and pointing it at a comment and yelling, "HEY EVERYONE! This is something everyone should read!!"

I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago, but making new habits is hard. So I bring this up again.



See this post:

MK's comment is funny, so 5 people clicked the hubwheel. Which means that now "pics or it didn't happen" is classified as a "valuable post" on hubski. Something that stands on its own, and is a valuable post in and of itself.

I know, this seems like useless pedantry. But it is about creating good data. There is a LOT of really valuable conversation on here, and I was just reading fantastic stuff from 1300+ days ago! But it can get lost in the little things, due to the hubwheel confusion.

Hubski is not Reddit or Facebook or Instagram or Weibo.

It's a different place, with a small number of people, who care, and share meaningfully. Let's treat our data and our tools with respect, and we can keep this community unique and interesting.

Thanks for listening!


The clicking of the hubwheel is a deeply personal decision of which any one else's dogmatic or relavatory advice should be considered purely advisory.

posted by goobster: 262 days ago