The last time Sears’s sales increased from the previous year was in the third quarter of 2011, when the company had $9.4 billion in revenue, according to data from Thomson Reuters .

    In the latest quarter, total merchandise sales fell 34% to $2.2 billion. Total revenue, which includes money generated from appliance and product-repair services, fell 31% to $2.89 billion.

    Same-store sales at Sears locations fell 13.4%, while they declined 9.5% at Kmart locations. The company operated 894 total locations as of May 5, down from 1,275 as of around the same time the year prior.

They still have 900 stores. People still shop there(!). I bet the demographic ven diagram of people watching Fox News and people shopping at Sears is a near Circle. (Hint, Baby boomers and old people in the midwest where rests are still kinda cheap)

posted by francopoli: 262 days ago