I'm back.

Doing... not too good. I dropped out of the university and effectively stuck in a limbo of sorts. I have very little money left - enough to buy me another week's worth of scarce food and not nearly enough to pay the rent. Right now, I need to raise $200 (monthly rent) just to be able to stay where I am. The landlord is not the most compassionate person, so if I don't have the money, I'm out onto the street.

This whole situation makes my depression explode. I feel a lot of things right now. Mosty - fear of failure. I feel like I will have to accept that I'm a failure because I can't find any income because I'm a failure because I can't find any income... Recursive, reductive nonsense clouding my head.

But Hubski is a good place. I've had my share of conflicts here, but people have always been appreciative, intelligent and eloquent about their thoughts and feelings. I appreciate that. That is something I'd like to have more of in my life right now: a good company.

There's no job in Russia that could possibly yield me $200 in two weeks (barring drug trafficking), so I'm looking for freelance options or full-time online work abroad. If you know anyone who needs

- Russian < > English translation, interpreting or tutoring,

- writing (of most sorts): fiction, newspapers, blogs etc.

- screenplays (or similar plot/dialogue/worldbuilding writing)

- web design and/or front-end development

please let me know.

posted by pubski: 502 days ago