This is a lot like Manolo Blahnik declaring they're going to compete with Sketchers.

...if Manolo Blahnik were one of the most evil corporations in history.


"De Beers is hoping to create big price gap with its new product, which will sell under the name Lightbox in the U.S. A 1-carat man-made diamond sells for about $4,000 and a similar natural diamond fetches roughly $8,000. The lab diamonds from De Beers will sell for about $800 a carat."

"Still, De Beers says that its move isn’t to disrupt existing lab-diamond producers, but create a small, profitable business in its own right."

Sure........ not that there is an obligation for De Beers to keep other labs in business but I'd be nervous if I ran one.

On a personal level I'd find it exciting to have cheaper material available if it was from a company I wouldn't feel gross to give my money to, with such a big price difference it'll be interesting to see how other companies adapt or set themselves apart to justify a higher cost if they can't come close to De Beers prices.

posted by kleinbl00: 239 days ago