So just to review:

Polygon has written up an article in which the gist of the outrage is ignored in order to focus on the fact that that which is derisively called "CalArts style" may or may not stem from CalArts, but either way it is not limited to CalArts, as explained by a number of CalArts grads. The fact that the style is demonstrably derivative and insular (as outlined by the shows listed by Polygon, all of which were created and staffed by CalArts grads) is irrelevant because CalArts "style" implies that it can only come from CalArts, much like Mexican "style" food is 100% authentic.

Hubski has responded with derision because anybody who doesn't like this style is a WATB who needs to STFU and there is no possible way to understand why anyone would have an opinion. However, the note beneath the note is there is no possible way to understand why anyone would have an opinion other than "CalArts style" is great. If you disagree with this opinion, it is because you don't like cartoons, much like if you don't like the new Star Wars it's because you don't actually like Star Wars.

For the record: I'm of the opinion that the old Thundercats was fucking terrible. I'd rather see them reboot Rainbow Brite. Takashi Miike could reboot Thundercats and I wouldn't watch it. Actually that's not true I'd watch the shit out of it but regardless, no, I'm not the target audience of Lion-O the Jellybean and never would be.

But I do understand the criticism. And I do think it's valid. And I do think that anybody on this page pretending that this criticism comes from a place of unreasonable nerddom needs to take a step back and stop caring so much about something you profess not to care about.

posted by mk: 359 days ago