UPDATE: WE ARE ON! If you're in the DC area and you haven't heard from ref or me, DM me and meet up with us Thursday night!

Last minute work trip to Bethesda. Anyone in the DC area and want to have an impromptu meetup Thursday evening?



Hello everyone. The fateful day dawns.

Plans are: meet up in the 6 o'clock hour at the Pinch. Some people know 6 might be early for them, and some people (your gracious author) are worried they might hit traffic as they have a 3 pm meeting in Richmond and can't leave the city til 3:30 as a result.

There is public-ish parking around the Pinch and there are garages, if you feel like it, nearby-ish as well. Google Maps can assist you.

I suspect the Pinch will be our mainstay for the evening. I know steve was looking at public transpo. blackbootz also has graciously offered to let me crash (admittedly, I kind of made an assumption on the phone call but he went along with it). I honestly think, depending on how hairy the evening gets, I may just drive home - if I'm good to drive the hour to bootz' place, I'm good to drive the next hour home, is my line of thought. steve either way if I am driving, Bethesda looks hella nearish to the Pinch so I can drop you back there.

Roll call for the remaining non-mentioned so we can get the level of HYPE some ELEVATION in this here THREAD:




posted by steve: 240 days ago