Sorry for the dailyfail link, but I got a chuckle at this one.

    In a response to his parents' court filings, Michael - who turns 31 in July and is acting as his own lawyer - says his parents have not given him a reason why he is being kicked out, or enough time to find a new place.

The pictures of the guy are just about exactly what I imagine a 'man' saying this statement would look like.

    In a redacted filing, Michael also said he runs his own 'successful' business, calling it 'the overwhelmingly superior choice for the economic well being over the working of a full-time job'.

Anyone want to bet that this guy is a Reddit Libertarian asshole who day trades bitcoin? Anyone?

The best thing my parents ever did to me was kick my ass out of the house when I turned 18. Hated them for it at the time, of course, but then I see this and shudder at the alternative timelines of my existence.

posted by francopoli: 271 days ago