Howard Bloom was on the JRE today talking about all kinds of stuff. I recommend it to literally everybody reading this, considering the guy is practically a polymath and is sitting on several pretty influential boards. - Anyway

He made the point that long before homo sapiens sapiens was strutting around the savannah the planet had been through several massive climatological shifts and would likely go through several more unless we got really good at mass engineering really quickly.

Still a bad thing to have tons of plastic in the ocean. Still a bad thing to have heavy metal in the water poisoning the kids in Flint. Still a bad thing to have mandatory respirators in civic centers.


Maybe the earth is a lot older than we are. Maybe we are just killing ourselves, rather than all of creation. Maybe we aren't saving the planet when we 'go green' maybe we are just saving ourselves.

Damn I'm out of wine.

posted by ooli: 306 days ago