I'm surprised how little attention this is getting in the news, at least here in Norway. A military force firing at protestors with live ammunition, killing over a hundred and injuring thousands, yet strangely quiet in both traditional and social media.

One interesting detail is that Hamas has claimed many of the dead were their members. This strengthens Israel's narrative that they are not killing protestors, only those that attempt to attack the border wall or their soldiers. Still though:

    Israel says it uses live fire only as a last resort. Snipers are supposed to aim at protesters' legs and can shoot only with approval from a commander.

I assume "last resort" means after tear-gas and warning shots, but shooting unarmed protestors in their legs to stop them from getting too close still seems cruel and excessive to me.

A war crimes investigation seems in place, but I don't really expect it to accomplish much.

(Also I'm not sure if this really belongs in #politics. Maybe #news?)

posted by bfv: 278 days ago