I gave my graduate class their final exam on April 11. As some of you know, these are brilliant computer science students from around the world. I teach interpersonal communication, public speaking, improv, effective teamwork, conflict resolution - stuff like that.

I created a binder of lessons, activities, quizzes. They also have a pdf version, but I prefer they use the binders in class to write in and highlight key points. Part of the exam was multiple choice/short answer. It was an open-book exam. They were allowed to use their binders and work alone for an hour. For the second hour, they could work together, compare answers, argue for their answers, and so on. The day of the exam, I received this email from one of my students:

    I locked my binder in my locker three weeks ago. However, I forgot where my locker is and the code for my locker. I posted to facebook to ask others where their lockers were and also put signs on the lockers to let others remove the sign if this was their locker. Besides, I asked the admin assistant and the tech assistant for help, but they cannot open lockers if I cannot assure them that it is my locker. I cannot have my binder back until 30th April when the lockers are cleaned out by the university.

    So I cannot have my binder tonight. I am very sorry about this. Can I use the pdf version with my laptop?

    I am super sorry about that. See you tonight!



Too late for them, but on the off chance it comes up again there are almost always at least a handful of people in any CS department who pick locks for fun, and the cheapo Master combination locks on most school lockers are really easy to open.

posted by lil: 254 days ago