This represents the final product of a duo of songs I've been working on. Posted an earlier version of part one here a while ago. Once I get this mastered, it'll be two tracks, split down the middle; break is pretty obvious.

Been wrestling with how to define myself outside of work, which is emotionally draining and extremely stressful. Come home wrung out, often twitching in and out of a fight-or-flight cycle brought on by the constant stress of keeping on top of patient loads and making sure my dying people don't finish the job. Spend my days off trying to move as slowly as possible, trying to think as little as I can.

All of that leaves little time for making stuff- music, art, friends, food. Been eating at me for a while. Finally took the time to put it onto paper, this is the sum total.

Not always a hundred percent behind everything I put out- often a seed of doubt. But I'm damn proud of this one. Would love for people to listen.


I like this! I'm curious about what all the gear is.

I work with MDs and it sounds like the work-life balance is a tricky one. Like, no hobbies at all, just work, and barely any time for personal life and relationships. I'm in research, so I don't have it nearly that bad. I don't know how I'd deal if it were me in those shoes though.

posted by ghostoffuffle: 283 days ago