Who’s Afraid of the Female Nude?

Paintings of naked women, usually by clothed men, are suddenly sitting very uncomfortably on gallery walls.


Sometimes on the internet I see people asking questions. They're a specific class of questions, though; they're the kind of inquiry where, simply by dint of asking, it's apparent to an uninvolved viewer that it's clear the moral conundrum isn't applicable to the party speaking. For instance, when people anonymously ask the internet if they might possibly be abusive towards their partner because they fear they may be, dollars to donuts every time that if there is a power imbalance in the relationship, it's not in favor of OP.

The people who are interested enough in this line of thought are not the people who should not be painting female nudes. They're not skeevy amateur photographers with expensive cameras. They believe in art for art's sake, not for getting hot girls scantily or totally undressed in front of their horny hidden (and so abusive) gaze.

It's cool people care about stuff like this enough to think about it and write this well about it.

But this is not an article that will evoke change in its audience; this is an article that will appeal to those who read it because they already agree

posted 668 days ago