Okay Hubskiers.

So, as part of North American English slang, some people have taken to shortening "usual" to just its first syllable. Great, all good.

My question is, how do you spell it?

"Us" is not effective at all. for one, it's already a word, and it also doesnt have the (apologies for my copying from the phonetic pronunciation guide on wiktionary) "ːʒ" sound.

My other thoughts are "Ush", which seems more like an "ish" sound and seems wrong too, "Usj" which seems correct but looks foreign, and "usz" which has a similar problem.

What do you think, Hubski? As has been forever the case, our written language is behind our spoken language. However, this gives us a chance to figure out how to deal with these new words! I see it as very exciting.


This is what the official word geeks have to say about it. (yoozh)

While the internet seems to be wishy-washy about (ushe).

posted by coffeesp00ns: 245 days ago