these fuckin' guys

    During the 2016 race, Cohen — who did not have a formal role on the campaign — had a reputation among campaign staff as someone to avoid, in part because he was believed to be secretly taping conversations.

    In one instance, Cohen played a recording of a conversation he had with someone else to a Trump campaign official to demonstrate that he was in a position to challenge that person’s veracity if necessary, an associate recalled.

    Cohen indicated that he had something to use against the person he had taped, the associate said.

    One outside Trump adviser said Cohen may have begun recording his conversations in an attempt to emulate his boss, who has long boasted — often with no evidence — about secretly taping private conversations.


Just for posterity:

7:29pm EST: Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post publishes piece about Michael Cohen's proclivity for recording conversations

"Just before 9pm" EST: Donald Trump issues executive order investigating USPS costs related to shipping Jeff Bezos-owned Amazon packages

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