“Late last year we wrote: ‘Republicans can expect to face the toughest political conditions next year since 2006, when the party lost control of both the House and the Senate,’” Law wrote. “Despite a small uptick in President Trump’s approval rating and a tightening of the congressional generic ballot in the GOP’s favor, we see no reason to adjust that forecast.”

    Three hours after Ryan bowed out, I asked one top GOP donor if he’d gotten Law’s memo.

    He responded one minute later.

    “3 times this AM.”


Dear Mitch, Eat a giant bag of cocks. I'm expecting him to run, and lose this year. I so can hope. The Teachers are in open revolt, the governor here is digging a hole deeper every day and I'm watching Trumpgret in real time.

Dem's don't get cocky. get out and vote, make calls and don't think this shit is in the bag, election day is SEVEN fucking months away.

posted by kleinbl00: 286 days ago