I'm finally replacing my 7-year-old desktop/primary gaming appliance. Because I'm lazy, and because video cards have gone through the roof thanks to cryptocurrency (looking at you, #etherium), I went through a system builder.

Interestingly, they said it wouldn't ship until the 18th, but I got an e-mail that it shipped today (ETA the 12th).

So. I have not had anything modern for some time, so I'm wondering what I need to add to the queue. So far, I have:

- Doom

- Subnautica

- Dirt 4

- The Witcher 3

- Watch_dogs 2

- Just Cause 3

Anything else?


The Witcher 3 will easily take you 500 hours or longer if you get "side-quest-itis" May be the best game of the 2010's. If you get the Witcher 3, get it from GOG, not Steam.

Speaking of GOG and CD Projekt Red... Cyberpunk 2077 is coming out soon. Looks like the hype is building, the game is getting finalized and it will be out this year. This is going to be my next big gaming purchase once it is out. DO NOT PREORDER VIDEO GAMES!

Kerbal space Program is not that expensive and fun as hell. 100 hours of play time is an easy target. I judge a game by how long it takes me to get bored with it... I have 3500 hours into KSP from back when the game cost $7, back in 2011? 2012? The Expansion adds parts, the ability to add and make missions, and is not needed unless you are into that.

If you are into map reading simulators, I like Galactic Civilization 3 Like most 4x games, the end game becomes tedious, but the early and mid games make the playthrough worthwhile. Civ4 is still my favorite conquer the world game, and Civ6 feels off to me. Not sure why; the game is pretty and after being out a few years the real problems and bugs are fixed.

Banished is a chill little problem solver. If you ever played the city builder games (and all of them are on GOG BTW) this will feel like a modern remake. Good graphics, rational choices, and everything works well.

Speaking of city builders, Cities:Skylines is a better SimCity that anything since SimCity4

posted by johnnyFive: 322 days ago