I'm flying to SF atm. I am giving a talk about longevity at what is mostly a cryptocurrency conference. I'm sure that it'll be a good time, but I'm just not feeling the travel today. I'd like some more days at home. I get home on Saturday and leave for NYC the next day for a couple more.

Do you remember the short-lived show That's My Bush? It was a goofy sitcom based on a president that seemed out of his depth. I have this terrible feeling that Mueller isn't going to deliver what so many people are hoping for, and that this new normal is not going to be easily undone.

I wonder if we should make the sharing of user information with advertisers illegal. It's not a business model that benefits users. I lived in a world before it existed, and it was better.

I'm going to try to improve the new user experience on Hubski in a significant way. Also, I think I'll make it that you can't link in comments until you've been promoted. That should kill the last avenue the spammers have.

posted by pubski: 410 days ago