Probably on a really expensive bed. His project to bring "the internet" to poor people by basically just giving them facebook for free seems to be working really well, actually. The trouble is we sort of expect him to give a fuck what happens on FB. He doesn't. He will never. It isn't in his interest. His interest is in ensuring that the most people are on for the most amount of time. It's up to us to stop that. And I don't mean by deleting, noble of an idea as that might be. I mean there has to be consequences for the company's behavior. I would get attacked by a lot of libs for my thoughts on this topic, but I think the time for the days of providers not being responsible for content is past. AT&T isn't responsible for what you say on the telephone, because AT&T provides a utility. Unless or until FB is deemed to be a utility, they should be held to account for the havoc they cause globally. I don't know what that looks like, but clearly the status quo isn't working.

posted by kleinbl00: 323 days ago