I’ve decided to step up my note-taking game after listening to a conversation about Ryan Holiday’s notecard system. One reason is that it is a shame how much I forget. If I spend twenty hours reading a book, how come I rarely spend a minute to reflect and remember?

A bigger reason for me is that a semi-decent way to organize and keep your thoughts is a commitment to keep learning and reflecting. I know it has a value - jotting down my thoughts while writing my thesis and flipping back every once in a while has helped me multiple times to make connections I otherwise wouldn’t have. And the rather simple note system I’m using for work are, so far, a useful way to keep track of projects and conversations.

So I was wondering what you guys write in your notebooks, if you keep notes or a journal at all. What do you write down to remember? What’s valuable to you?


I keep a small notebook with me at pretty much all times. I use the bullet journal method with it. I keep notes to myself on things I find interesting, books to check out, music to explore, ideas I come up with at random, more structured brainstorming sessions, whatever I don't trust my brain to actually recall. Sometimes I doodle in it.

And of course, shopping lists. Which is what I am literally using it for right now.

posted by veen: 325 days ago