Just saw you, Ted Nugent, in the news today, some bullshit about you slamming the Parkland surivors. I have no idea why they continue to cite your extreme right views in the news, but every time I see your name I remember that back in the 80s when I pissed on your driveway. My sister's boyfriend owned a camp in Irons, Michigan and his next-door neighbor was you, Ted Nugent. We were all drunk and out and about and I had a good long piss on your driveway. I thought it was just funny at the time, but nowadays I'm damn glad I did it everytime I see your fcked up views in the news. Fck you Teddy. You stepped in my piss every time you walked down your own driveway. Why the hell does the news even bother with you? Find some cause that shows you have a soul.


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posted 822 days ago