Facebook is foreplay. Facebook facilitates adultery and infidelity generally. Facebook gives you the means, the excuse and the cover to communicate with people you have no reason, no business, to talk to. Their day-to-day life has nothing to do with yours — not anymore, anyway. In many cases, perhaps the majority of cases, you follow and chat with this individual because you remember him or her fondly, as he or she might remember you; the memories are from a simpler time in your lives, when you were in college, or high school, when maybe you had a lot more sex, and when nervous possibility was in the air. (You’re probably remembering it with more fondness than it merits.) Your life was about going to class, and smoking weed, and working a crappy part-time job with no real responsibilities so that you’d have enough money to afford frivolous, enjoyable garbage.


    I don’t want to look in people’s windows anymore to see what they’re doing. Even if they want me to. Especially if they want me to.

That's a brilliant way to put it. In retrospect, it was really weird that people posted intimate details about their lives for strangers to see, especially older people who didn't see most of their "friends" regularly. We whippersnappers were the more normal ones, posting about things in our lives that were probably relevant to the 90% of the people who would see them who we would see everyday. Now that I'm older, and I don't see nearly as many people outside of a professional context, it's suddenly much less relevant to me what anyone is doing with their lives.

I still use Facebook for messenger, but that's it, I don't follow anyone, even my friends. I should probably do another purge of the ol' friends list though, and get back under 100 people.

posted by francopoli: 326 days ago