We have had the great fortune as a company to talk with some luminaries in their fields and some pretty damned successful business people. My favorite quote came from a conversation that mk had with a leading consumer facing biotech company (each one of you has heard of them) and she said, "you need to go from weird to wonderful." She cautioned that the only way to do this is with time. Essentially saying that there are no short cuts.

Such is life.

I happen to think that weird IS wonderful. I guess that makes me an "early adopter." None the less, her advice is spot on. Any startup needs to capture the early adopters and then, when it becomes painfully obvious to others that they need your product it will be "wonderful."

I like the weird phase. Each new client is precious. There's something really special about that.

The other day we had 27 people sign up to store their stem cells. How cool is that? There was a time when we would have 3 a month.

Whatever you are working on, I hope you're enjoying the journey! Stay weird!



    Each new client is precious

nailed it.

posted by thenewgreen: 299 days ago