MK's post about changing the T's and C's on Hubski made me think about how Hubski is funded.

And I had an idea...

Calculate up all the costs of running the site, and set that monetary goal. Put the number right up there in the top right corner. Then, give me a way to donate with a button. Click it, enter a number, donation received.

Be open about the costs. Show the actual progress towards those costs.

Instead of the orange thermometer, it says "$20k", which slowly fills up (from grey to orange) until it got full, when it turns green.

The green number would then increase, as donations kept coming in. So someone donates $1k, the number would be a green "$21k".

We could have a user-driven push to "turn Hubski green by St. Patrick's Day!", or some shit like that.

Yeah, costs could change if we get a huge influx of users, or whatever. Then you up the number to "$25k" that is mostly orange, indicating the goal has moved.


While I think this is a great idea for Hubski, I'd do it on almost any web site I wanted to visit. The Guardian. The Economist. People I support on Patreon.

Right now, I just throw my money into a hole. I never hear it hit the bottom. I have no idea how deep the hole is.

It feels good, in a semi-erect penis kind of way... but it doesn't feel as good as it could, and it definitely doesn't feel like I have done much with my peni... donation.



If you hover your mouse over that orange donation thermometer, it tells you exactly what the progress towards the goal is.

posted by goobster: 301 days ago