And there are a lot of places that are way cooler than Lawrence that have at least one Olive Garden: New York City; Boulder, Colorado; Olympia, Washington.

True story: the manager at the Olympia Olive Garden made fun of me when I asked him what the cheese in tiramisu was called. I was honestly curious. I then asked him to ask the kitchen and he said "we get it out of a box." I then asked him to look on the box and he said "I don't have time for this" and walked off. Olympia is also the locale where a waitress at Outback Steakhouse took five tries to successfully bring me a "jack daniels neat and a diet coke" (jack and coke, rum and coke, bacardi on the rocks, jim beam on the rocks with a coke no ice, shot glass full of jack daniels and a diet coke with no ice).

Olympia convincing the rest of the world it's cool is a coup on par with GWB convincing the rest of the world he's an artist.


    You go to Olive Garden because you've always gone there

There's a word for this: habit. I couldn't think of a worse reason to patronize a restaurant.

posted by kleinbl00: 326 days ago