Google Street View.

1) 10pm. Low traffic. Sodium arc lamps overhead.

2) No obstructions.


4) Bike lane transitions into right-turn lane; bicyclists turning left must cross 2 lanes of traffic to get into the turn lane.

Check out the awesome LiDAR video from NYT.

Luminar's LiDAR can detect 10% reflective objects at 200m. 38mph is 17m/s. 200/17 is a shade under 12 seconds.

The Uber car had a little under 12 seconds to detect Ms. Hertzberg.

From here.


As a lay person / arrogant pedestrian, may I just say:

what a shitty infrastructure layout.

- When I backed out of street view and looked at sat. images, I 100% thought the paving stone X in the divider was a crossing point. Had to look around in street view to find the 'no crossing' sign. Why the fuck is it even there? Is it a decorative reminder of bygone times when pedestrians were a design constraint?

- The necessity of a 'no crossing' sign would seem to indicate that they know people are going to want to cross there. Please don't walk on our affectation of a sidewalk.

- In fact, you can clearly see a desire path at the X in Strava heatmap .

- While you're there, notice that there seems to be a goodly amount of foot/bicycle traffic in the area.

- They very cleverly neglected to put the no crossing signage by the sidewalks, i.e. the point of origin for anyone crossing. Instead, they're only placed on the median. Not exactly a high visibility choice. Especially at night. Fuck it, I'm already in the street. Might as well finish.

- It's not like there's a constant in the universe saying that crosswalks can only fall in street intersections. But hey, I guess a poorly deployed no crossing sign is cheaper if not actually safer.

    RESPECT THE PEDESTRIAN, the signs say, but the drivers, the physical environment, local land use customs, and the very layout of the place conspire to treat the pedestrian with the contempt he so richly deserves.

    Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson

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