Ahhh, Hollywood. That Jewish conspiracy of old white men bent on keeping minorities under their jackboot.

TRUTH: Hollywood is run by old white men.

TRUTH: The top-grossing stars worldwide are, in order of appearance, WHITE MEN, WHITE WOMEN, black men.

TRUTH: The United States is the only media country in the world that does not subsidize its content. Thus, the American entertainment industry is a hypercapitalist dystopia. And as a hypercapitalist dystopia it is both breathtakingly greedy and astonishingly risk-averse.

It's pretty fuckin' sad that the LA Times decided to quote Chinese film fansites without checking out, oh, Rotten Tomatoes 'cuz boy howdy ain't no movie racism like American movie racism. But the fact of the matter is, Black Panther is shattering all kinds of records in the United States and scored a whopping 28th place best opening in China.

It's fair to say that Black Panther got made despite the Chinese market, not because of it and any opening whatsoever is impressive. You'll notice only four of ten top openings are American; the rest are indigenous and they do not have black people in them. Hollywood, more than anything else, wants money. When any given project costs as much as an office park and has to make its receipts back in 72 hours you eschew risky projects through and through. It's fucking amazing that Hollywood made a majority-black blockbuster superhero movie about someone other than Shaft because it truly is a prejudicial place but believe you me: greed sells much more than principle. Tyler Perry has no problem getting his projects funded even though they exist in a mirror universe where none of the audience is white. If he had some crossover appeal? He'd get bigger budgets. Now that there's a "black" movie making money hand over fist, expect more black movies. This is a good thing.

But if we had rules like the Brits or the Canadians or the Germans in which a movie project would get subsidized for diversity we wouldn't even be having this conversation.

When your livelihood depends on making teenaged boys happy, your art suffers. Period.

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