Chris is a good friend of mine. He is smart, compassionate and a person that puts his money (and time and effort) where his mouth is. He also persuaded me to join Act To Matter as a board member. I endorse their mission and their integrity without hesitation. If you are looking for a place to donate some $ to in order to further the democratic cause, this is it.

    With a partner, I co-founded the Act to Matter PAC to help Democrats win the House in 2018. We will be endorsing candidates and spending smart money on digital advertising for candidates we believe can win in the various swing districts across the country. So far we have endorsed three candidates in swing districts in North Carolina and have been spending money on highly cost-effective digital ads to support them. We also endorsed and advertised for Conor Lamb in the special election just held for the Pennsylvania 18th District.

ecib, mk, b_b, lil, kleinbl00, @anyone else that wants a democratic congress.



posted by thenewgreen: 344 days ago