A new round of Diplomacy has begun!

Join here:


EDIT: game moved to https://webdiplomacy.net/board.php?gameID=220603

join code is hubski

The first game I played was a lot of fun. Experience helps but you can fake your way through a few seasons while learning the basics.

This game is hosted on Backstabbr, which is very friendly to mobile devices, though press (strategic chat among players, the fun part) is somewhat separated from the map.

Backstabbr Quick Start guide

Turns are scheduled for once a day. Entering orders takes only a minute or two, scheming can take longer but is optional.

Previous games:


mk, spencerflem, the game has been recreated on the original server:


Join code is 'hubski'.

The pace is "slow," one turn every 36 hours, plenty of time to scheme and ponder. WebDiplomacy will advance the turn when everyone is ready; we found that the other site rolls unused minutes over so turns could take quite a while when England neglected to check in.

We need seven players to have a good game; let's do some promotion in the next Pubski.

posted by wasoxygen: 347 days ago