In keeping with the more regular music threads.

Narcos. I'm into season 3, which is dealing with the Cali Cartel. Still a pretty good show, even if I know it's not the most accurate series out there.

Devilman Crybaby. Netflix original anime series, loosely based on a manga from the early 1970s. Absolutely batshit insane, but in a way that's fun rather than being incoherent, edgy, and/or obnoxious. Really great animation (reminds me a lot of Samurai Champloo). Like a psychotic, violent FLCL with more nudity.

Halt and Catch Fire. I really didn't think I'd like this, but I've been really enjoying it (and I got my wife hooked too). I really enjoy anything set in the early days of computing, and this show was smart enough to focus on the people rather than the tech.


Just finished The Next Generation for the first time and I must say I am a fan of Star Trek now. Roddenberry really had a vision and I think he was really successful in exploring it and communicating it to the public. I also understand why Trekkers don't really get invested in the Trek/Wars rivalry as much as star wars fans. Star wars is entertaining and fun. Star Trek has a message. At its best it tries to get people onboard with the idea of something grand and beautiful. A tomorrow worth believing in that can be brought about by individual action, responsibility, and a trust in those a person relies upon.

Needless to say I am hooked. We just started Deep Space Nine, then we are going to watch Voyager before tackling the original series.

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