Note the South Korean President's quote. This puts the prior 4 administrations to shame for their feckless efforts.


Feckless?!?!? (And I should point out my phone tried to autocorrect that word to fucked, which is more appropriate.) NK has had one goal since partition, and that is to be treated as a coequal in the community of nations. The reason every competent president has insisted on multi lateral talks isn't just because we need buy in from their only real trading partner (China), but because we have been unwilling to dignify their undignified regime. What this says to Kim is that his nuclear investment worked. He got the one thing his father and grandfather could not: a bilateral meeting with the US. Even if it falls through, he has that propaganda for his state TV. This is not something to celebrate. This is a signal to all rogue regimes that non proliferation is a scam, and that if they agree to it they lose leverage. I'm deeply troubled this morning. For all Trump's incoherence and incompetence, this might take the cake. And that is a long list, because since he's been inaugurated, Turkey and China have confirmed dictators for life, Russia has not been held to account for a direct assault on America, the EU and Canada have threatened punitive trade actions against America, and on and on. This isn't just bad foreign policy; it's a sea change of America-as-leader. You need to wake up to your blind allegiance to the Republican party. This is not Republicanism. Full stop.

posted by hootsbox: 313 days ago