St Augustine said, “Cum dilectione hominum et odio vitiorum,” translated by Gandhi as: hate the sin and not the sinner. This beautiful phrase has been so often used as a put-down in recent years, but the sentiment it reflects saves worlds. When we’ve held false beliefs, succumbed to addictions, became sick in the mind and hated ourselves or others, the people who held us up did so by loving us and rejecting the lies we were clinging to, all at once.


    Amongst my friends (and family) I’ve counted people who kill for money, drug dealers, criminals living on the run, fucked up teenagers, Ren faire runaways, alcoholics, rapists, alcoholic rapists, more people who kill for money (but also get praised for it), employees who routinely break monopoly law, homeless psychotics, an FBI agent, a whole troop of gutter punks, a couple of private investigators, several delinquent parents, sex addicts, a passel of sociopaths, people cheating on their spouses, and probably a bunch more ne’er-do-wells I can’t think of right now.

I don't, and I won't, and weev is still an asshole, and the fact that this woman insists that loving psychopaths instead of shunning them somehow makes the world a better place is laughable.

Twitter didn't cause any divides. It gave disparate tribes a place to Thunderdome. It is not a commons that suffered a schism it's a frontier being fought over by ideological homesteaders.

I don't ever need to turn the other cheek to weev. He doesn't want in my tribe and I don't want in his. Our disagreements are ideological and, by the author's own admission, sourced in deeper wounds than I can salve:

    In the case of my friend weev, I see a tragedy. I believe he is trying to strike out at the people who hurt him, but by propping up the same white supremacy that gave them their power in the first place. What he’s doing supports the very people who ordered violence on him, who took away his freedom, and tortured him. The same power structure that hurt him pays him a wage and gives him an attaboy now, as long as he keeps hurting people, just as he was hurt. The situation of his birth primed him to fall for a trick, and he did.

Nowhere in this paean to St. Augustine is there argument or evidence that all this lovey-dovey changed anyone's opinions one iota. The argument is that somehow being friends with weev makes us better people, and I'm sorry but fuck off with that shit. More than that? When I sit with monsters they show me the monster in me. Sure. But when I sit with those the monsters hate more than me I see what the fuck I'm fighting for.

posted by lm: 357 days ago