This guesthouse room is in front. The shutters block out maybe 1/10th of the street sounds which right now are singing and motorbikes. If we’re lucky enough to fall asleep by 4 or 5 a.m., we are woken two hours later by the clanging bell of a pedler selling water.

It is 1962 in many ways here. The bakery is closed. There is no flour. There is some wifi in the square. By square, I mean circle: a big round fountain in front of a church with benches. The two hurricanes last fall were bad.

There are lineups to change money, to see a notary, and I’m told, also, to get a bus out of here. The lion in the local zoo was very sad.

Our friends are a local artist and a Cuban from Vancouver who returns here in winter. We brought candles and medicine for the small Jewish community.

There is a sense of shared common good. No big discrepancy between rich and poor. What’s good for one is good for all.

On Tuesday we hope to fly out of Cayo Coco. I will “see” you all on the other side.

What can be learned?


pushing back the dark

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Restaurant in Camagüey: The waitress hands us menus.

The menu is full of interesting items, but before we order the waitress says they have no pizza, no fish, and no salad. The menu is in Spanish and English. They only have sandwiches:


Ham and cheese

Large ham

Small ham


Cheese and ham

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