This became evident this one time in Squamish, British Columbia I was rock climbing a multi-pitch route with a friend. We were leading this pitch when a another climber in a different group beneath us kept asking us for beta because he couldn’t figure out where the route was going. (it’s a sport climb, just follow the bolts...) After they finished climbing the guy who was continually asking me for beta suggested that I should join a local rock climbing club and that I should take his climbing course. I replied “oh cool are you a student in the class” and he replied “no I’m the instructor” slightly embarrassed by the social faux pas, I realised the irony in the situation. The guy was a climbing instructor who needed excess beta to get up the bolted sport route had the nerve to suggest that I take his class. I don’t think he meant to be rude by asking me to take his class, I just think it highlights how some men have unconscious bias.

posted by ButterflyEffect: 361 days ago