I don’t know what happens after Barnes & Noble sinks. It’s all well and good to say “Support indie stores!” but there are huge swaths of America where there aren’t any. B&N is the last thing standing between Amazon and a total monopoly of the publishing industry, and a monopoly is never a good thing. But the entire book world needs to be prepared, because it’s coming.

    The zero-moment point came Monday, and in the crassest, cruelest, more heartless way possible.

    Barnes & Noble has slit its own wrists. Now we just wait to bleed out.


Barnes & Noble needs to double down on becoming more than just a bookstore. They've already diversified their inventory by selling dvds, toys, and even their own electronics. Many also have cafes now. I think all this has helped kept them afloat thus far in the face of the behemoth that is Amazon. But are executives at Barnes & Nobles just delaying the inevitable, or are they actually committed to diversifying and competing?

posted by kleinbl00: 361 days ago