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The stretch of the river under discussion got up to 114 degrees a couple summers ago. It's a bombed-out wasteland left over from where the railroad pulled out in the '80s. People fish in that river but they've been notified not to do that because the homeless up river a couple miles are fucking vile.

There are three parcels under discussion, as shown on this map. The Bowtie Parcel is pretty much useless. The G2 Parcel is what they want to turn into a park. The Rio de Los Angeles State Park is already a park. All three are owned by the city. Meanwhile, there's a fourth parcel, with warehouses on it, tucked between a 6-lane road, a freeway and the river, where they're trying to build apartments.

Not so fast. See, if they build on that parcel, however will people get to the bowtie parcel? Never mind the fact that it's contiguous with a much larger parcel that they're trying to turn into a park that's adjacent to a park.

LA - where you bitch about the lack of affordable housing and then oppose affordable housing because goddamn it, that Superfund site is FINE!

posted by kleinbl00: 605 days ago