Any thoughts at all. Over the past month or so, I've gotten into a surprising number of conversations with people about charities, donating, volunteer work, etc. The sheer spectrum of perspectives I've come across has been really impressive. Since you Hubski users in general are both A) insightful as fuck and B) able to bring in some pretty interesting perspectives yourselves, I'm really interested to hear what you guys have to say.


"Charities" is a really broad term that encompasses a lot.

I have little patience or support for faith-based charities, for example. My experience with them have been off-putting. Working with people with good energy and drive, but spending their time in ways that largely makes them feel good, but has little effect on the issue they are addressing.

I've worked with arts-based non-profit organizations for many, many years, and people often lump 501(c)3 not-for-profit orgs into the "charities" bucket. I believe the arts, and participating in them, changes a person deeply, long beyond the specific event or thing they are working on. So I love working with these orgs. But you often get a whole lot of creative-minded people heading in 100 directions at once, with little coordinated action. Herding cats. But the cats are having fun and making art, so ... it's generally good?

There is also the act of charity. My wife brings a lot of second hand clothes, bags, shoes, etc, to a local (licensed) homeless encampment. They are definitely not a profitable organization, but the whole idea is for it to be temporary, as people pull themselves up and make use of other community services to get back on their feet. So that "charity" is in action, not necessarily in organization, or officially-recognized org working on a nation-wide scale.

So that's my opinion. Since ya asked.

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