I tried to explain to Dala earlier this morning when she brought up the subject, and I clumsily used the word "boring." Know how you know you married the right kind of person? When you accidentally diss your relationship and they're not even made because they know you didn't mean to. Anyhow . . .

Way back before we got married, I was thinking about us and how I felt. I knew very easily that I was quite enamored with her, but more importantly, it was in a very calm way. There wasn't a sense of excitement to our relationship, though we did have and still do have quite a lot of fun together. It was more quiet and calm and comforting, like sitting beside a creek on a summer afternoon or staying in bed under the covers on a cold winter morning. There was no sense of urgency or uncertainty in our relationship or how I felt about her and I realized that there's something special and rare to that, to feeling deeply in love but at the same time completely calm, and I doubt I'd ever find something that firm with someone else. So, after that, I just knew what I should do.

posted by user-inactivated: 297 days ago