It’s not as linear a relationship as “my next phone will be an iPhone because I already own a HomePod,” but it’s pretty close. Apple has shown itself a master of creating synergistic effects between its products, with the Apple Watch, AirPods, Mac, and now HomePod each feeding the demand for an iPhone user to remain an iPhone user. The striking thing to me today is just how aggressive the Apple separatism is with the HomePod: without even basic Bluetooth streaming, the HomePod is, to borrow a famous Apple line, unapologetically Apple-centric.


As a bonus, apparently there are complaints starting to circle around the internet that the silicone they use on the bottom of the speaker reacts negatively to a lot of wood finishes, leaving rings and scuff marks. So like, once you start using it, you can never remove it unless you wanna refinish your bookshelf.

posted by kleinbl00: 370 days ago